Cancellation Policy: A cancellation fee of $50 will be charged for classes dropped before date of first class, and no refunds will be made after that date. If, due to under-enrolment, your first and second choice classes are both cancelled by the school, your tuition is applicable toward another class during that or the following 2 sessions, or can be fully refunded if you prefer.

Make-up Policy: As a courtesy, families can schedule two make-up classes on a space-available basis only (no guarantees) during the same session by attending another class at another location, using our online make-up scheduler.  

Registration Confirmation: Registration is confirmed once full payment is received, and minimum number of families have registered. If paying by credit card, you will receive an email receipt. 

Payment Plan: If you have a payment plan, click here to make a payment.


SNACKS: Please keep snacks put away while in the classroom. If a child needs to eat something, please do so outside of the classroom out of sight of the other children.


PHONES: Please mute or turn off cell phones, or set them to vibrate if you need to be “on call” during class. If you need to use your phone during class, please leave the room to do so.  Please ask your teacher if you'd like to take a few photos or a short video during the play-along ONLY!


TALKING: For the children's benefit, we aim to make class time a music-immersion experience. You'll make a lot of new friends in class, but please save chatting for before and after class so that the children can have the most positive musical experience possible, and hear their own parent's singing!

PHOTOGRAPHY:Picture-taking is only permitted before the 'Hello Song' begins and after the 'Goodbye Song' ends.  


RUNNING: Children are encouraged to move and jump and spin and wiggle and explore the room (kinesthetic learners especially!). However, for safety reasons we have a no-running policy unless it is one of the song activities/games that the whole group is being asked to participate in by the teacher.


SIBLINGS, GUESTS, AND OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS: We encourage all (including extended) family members to attend whenever possible! We also encourage you to bring friends with children age 0-5 to a class to find out if they might like to join us for a future session. Please simply check in first (512-358-4278, info@musicforevermt.com) if your class is already on the larger size. Remember, siblings under 10 months or over 6 years old at time of registration are free, but you'll need to register them even though there is no charge, so we can keep class sizes manageable.




PRESCHOOL CURRICULUM:Let us know if you'd like to see the Music Together® curriculum in your child's school! The Music Together Preschool program integrates music experiences at home and at school to create a music-making community which supports a child's language, cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development, supporting and enhancing the overall curriculum of the school.


MUSICAL BIRTHDAY PARTIES:Interactive, participatory musical entertainment for 30-45 minutes with your favorite teacher. A great addition to your party! Instruments and fun provided!


CONTACT:512-358-4278, info@musicforevermt.com.


Director: Michael Shay, michael@musicforevermt.com 512-694-1164